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Ask me anything   I've been building musical instruments since 1998 and worked in the aviation industry since 1978. I love being able to express the inner desire to create through instrument building.

Music is the universal language.

I had the good fortune of visiting a working line drive blacksmith shop. The 15hp engine, built in 1890, runs on a mixture of kerosine and gasoline, at power with the shop and generator running burns just 1.5 gallons an hour. The Hackney 100 pound hammer was built in 1888 and is one of only two left. The tools on the wall were built by the smithy, Joel Sanderson. Visit www.sandersoniron.com to see Joel’s beautiful work.

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Gibson Mandocello Repair Part 4: Kristin will be gluing three ‘finger braces’ to stabilize the top crack and prevent flexing. Here she is applying potassium permanganate solution (an oxidizing agent) to the braces to better match the patina of the old wood. An old violin repair trick!


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Two of my sweet kids in Rockford!


Two of my sweet kids in Rockford!

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Stayed in this beautiful house in Asheville, NC that was built in the 1800’s. I’m in awe of the craftsmanship.

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Finished another instrument panel.

Finished another instrument panel.

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Spending the weekend in Asheville, NC. What a view!

Spending the weekend in Asheville, NC. What a view!

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Texas Fox Trot- Nashville Mandolin Ensemble (1998)

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I’m helping a friend build some speaker cabinets. It’s interesting how much the sound path is like a brass instrument like a french horn.

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